Jr. Jetsetter goes to: Fantasyland Disney!

My first trip ever was to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. It was sooooooo much fun. I was invited to attend the launch of Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom Park. It was an exciting, adventure filled with a lot of cool things to do and see.

Saying hi to all my Disney friends! The thing I loved most about Disney is meeting all my favourite friends. You never know who you are going to run into while exploring the different rides and parks. I found my favourites everywhere!!!The Enchanted Forest area is where the “Under the Sea- Journey of the Little Mermaid” ride is found. That’s where I got to meet Ariel, it was soooo awesome! I found Minnie in the big top tent, that’s where you will also find Goofy and other friends but I was so excited to see Minnie! I love her soo much, I couldn’t help giving her a hug, she was soo nice! In the magical kingdom I met Princess Tiana! The princess is only available certain times during the day so make sure you have the grown ups get a schedule. I also ran into Cinderella’s funny, funny “Evil” sisters by her castle. I told them they should work on being nicer, I tried to teach them to smile and they tried to teach me to look evil. It made us all laugh!

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Checking out all the cool rides! I liked the Dumbo ride because you get to play until it’s your turn. I also had fun on the Mad tea party ride, Tomorrowland Speedway race cars and The Barnstormer roller coaster. I laughed, screamed, and it was all soon much fun! If you are like me you want to try to ride and see EVERYTHING. At Disney they have these cool magic bands where your grownups can go online and schedule a “fast pass” so you can have a specific time to ride the more popular rides! That way you don’t have to wait in line as long and you can experience more attractions.

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I had a great time enjoying the parks and rides but I also really loved our hotel! We stayed at the Disney’s Art of Animation Resort | Walt Disney World Resort. It was cool to see how all the disney characters come to life through different drawings and pictures. My room had a bed that came out the wall and games to play. All around the hotel there were things for kids to do, so I never got bored! Best of all EVERYONE called me “princess” except my Auntie, she just smiled whenever someone else did.  All and all, for my very first trip. I had a GREAT time and I’m looking forward to another visit one day soon!





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