Jr. Jetsetter goes to Paris

My first international trip was to Paris, France. It was sooooo exciting!!! We went to Disney Paris, the Eiffel Tower and went shopping on Champs-Elysées. It was a very special trip to have with my family. Here are my two favourite things to do in Paris…

Go to the Eiffel Tower!!!

11878916_905123362892954_2230215927887280611_oThe Eiffel tower is one of the most famous things to see in Paris. It was the first thing I wanted to see in person when we arrived. Luckily our hotel was right down the street from it so as soon as we dropped off our luggage, we went and took soo many pictures!!!

I was 11950257_907455835993040_5238438761395740115_osurprised to learn that there is a much smaller version of the Statue of Liberty in Paris.The American version is much larger of course and is a gift from France.

We also did some sightseeing, we really walked a lot! That’s because there are soon many beautiful things to see. So be sure to wear comfortable shoes! We walked along the Seine river and across the bridge and eventually ended up on Champs-Elysées for some shopping. It was a great first day in Paris!

Go to Disney Paris!!!

My aunts and I decided to take the train to Disney Paris. It was really easy to get there. We took the red RER train and it took us right there. It was such a fun day. The rides are different from the ones in the United States and there are only two parks but it was still really cool. I rode my first hot air balloon ride and i was able to have lunch and meet all my favourite Disney friends.

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